Who have Elastos employed as their lead designer?

(Chris P) #1

IMO, this is one of the most important aspects of a project. If the UI isn’t sleek and intuitive, people won’t use it.

One example of a project doing it right is ‘Casa’


They found someone that worked on the design for Tinder, then recruited him to Casa. Everything they put out has a sharp and clear branding that looks great.

My question is, what are the team doing to ensure this happens with Elastos? Especially with things like the Trinity browser, wallets etc.

I personally like the design of the new website (minus the functionality) but would be good to know what steps are being taken so this transitions across the board. This might already be in place, but it would be good to know.


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(Pascal A) #2

I agree, that this position is integral to Elastos’ success.

I think the current designing and branding is good, but not all that original.

A step in the right direction towards Branding Memorability would be to hire a designer or team of designers with original ideas and a passion. Again - not taking anything away from the current design, I think the logo for the CR is beyond amazing. But the assets/graphics could be expanded upon with originality.

The functionality of course as you’ve mentioned is a different story, and I believe the UI/UX is to be fixed.

Tinder’s UI was unique for it’s time. They borrowed elements here and there, but it’s overall simplicity and future iterations thereof has made the application what it is, while creating a new unique format of UI.

That was a team of designers who didn’t get together to make money. They got together to make an amazing dating application, that is now in use by millions.

(Chris P) #3

Thanks for your insight, I agree with everything you said. I really hope the team start to seriously think about this as we get closer and closer to the world starting to really pay attention to Elastos.

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