When do we get a Team-page?

Its over 2+ months now that we still have no Team-Page on the Elastos-Homepage. Please can the EF fix this.

It does not look good for people doing research on Elastos!


Yes it’s a priority, thanks.


Clarence I’m not trying to create a drama but in your opinion why does something as simple as creating a team page take so long?
I get its the Chinese new year but something like this could be knocked up in less than an hour. And its a must for any major project.

It wasn’t ready during the last website update.

Then given the toxicity, targeted attacks against specific team members and more, it’s not hard to imagine why it was postponed and given more scrutiny.

Since we are now revamping the entire website for the beta launch it will likely wait until then. Even though it’ll probably similar to https://www.cardano.org/en/team where we are happy to list only key members, but the rest will be statistical, number of employees in each office / department and such.

At the end of the day like Rong said, Elastos is a private company and the current environment has shown how important privacy is. Cyber Republic is where the future lies, its Council, key members and more will be all transparent.


I totally understand what you’re saying ,the witch hunt was rediculous and must of been terrible for the people involved.
I also agree that you only need key members but to have no-one just adds fire to what looks like a latest Fud campaign against Elastos.
Really appreciate the honest response.