Weekly CR Update Team

Hi, I lead the weekly update writing team. We are hoping to add a few members in the near future.

I’d like to get a few more active contributors for content, and a couple more quality writers to research and write weekly spotlights. I’m also looking for someone who’s good finding and building into the newsletter various images, ideally someone with some graphic design background.

Lastly, I want to get someone from the Marketing CRcle or similar who could spend some time getting word out. Not only the newsletter itself, but any time we are making a public call for submissions (like tagging for community shout-outs and giving out the ELA rewards for community contributions, and possible future promotional items)–I think it would be nice to have someone devoted to expanding awareness and readership for the newsletter, hyping up weekly content, that kind of stuff.

I think having an in-house promoter would be nice, so I’d like to pay this particular person out of this team’s funding even if we don’t have much–but this may mean asking for help from the Marketing CRcle funds and members.

We don’t have a ton of funding at the moment, but this might change in the near future, so I won’t necessarily add these additional roles until we do get additional funding. As the website is changing, just post here if you’re interested in being considered for any of these future roles.



Hello! It’s been confirmed that our funding has increased. We’re looking to make the weekly updates more professional in terms of formatting, and we’re also seeking engaging and informative content. This is the newest model we’ve settled on:

We’re moving toward a newspaper/magazine model in which well-researched and informative articles can be submitted for inclusion. The value of an accepted article is 40-60 USD per article, paid in ELA upon publishing. If you are interested in being a writer for the weekly writing CR team, please message me.

Also, if you are an active member of the Marketing CRcle, I’d love to coordinate promoting the weekly newsletters and published articles.



We are seeking a Chinese Social Media team member, someone who can be very active about promoting the CR (not the same as Elastos, though there is crossover) across various Chinese SM channels. If you are interested, please reach out to me here or through telegram at @kenpole.