Transparency and communication, preventing abuse

One of the largest issues I feel that will confront the Cyber Republic is full transparency and tracking of fund use and project progress. With such a decentralized system, communication can fall apart due to any single weak link, and I feel like it would be easy for corrupt parties to take advantage of these weaknesses. So the discussion here is to ask how we could prevent abuse of systems.

This is both a long ways away, and something that should be considered now, IMHO. For instance, I really appreciate when ONT releases clearly tracked progress like this:

It gives a lot of confidence, and show organization. How are we going to accumulate progress and fund use data in the CR? I understand that it’s possible this responsibility will go to various CRcles, but since it’s going to be very concerning to all of us, I think it’s worth considering now in a public forum.


All expenditures will be tracked with wallet addresses public and any projects must be open source with clear milestones. An initial team of 5 secretariats plus advisers/consultants will be tasked with summarizing this information, audits and due diligence.


It would be great to have one of the first community built dApps on the ELA platform be for community members to be able to track project funding/spending and milestone progresses, current wallet amounts and such statistics in one easy to see and use dashboard.

A subsequent update could also allow said same app to track community voting, almost as a utility knife dApp for the Cyber Republic communtiy.

@clarencel’s response is also quite reassuring, kudos to this practice.


This is a good idea, internally we can at least commit to a directory of the accounts in question to track. The community can put that together into an app.

As for voting the plan is that significant updates within the Elastos wallet will have that information and voting functions.

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Yeah. Nice idea Ken.