This forum is an amazing initiative and execution. Welcome everyone!

Hi everybody, I’m a web and mobile developer/designer, and I’m a huge fan of the concept of open source, Elastos, the Cyber Republic, personal privacy and internet freedom.

I am so glad to be here and I hope you are too. I just wanted to introduce myself and welcome everyone here in addition to show my support and content for this forum. It’s simple, elegant, and easy to navigate. What any application should be. All on it’s first iteration, way to go.

This forum is an amazing initiative and an example of the talent behind Elastos, in addition to being a testament to the Cyber Republic’s backing from such a talented pool of developers.

I am looking forward to further developments, in addition to contributing in the near future once I have wrapped up a few projects.

I am glad to meet you all, and hope we can work together to achieve something great here, at the Cyber Republic!

Please feel free to use this post to introduce yourself or post any comment you want.


Hi welcome and thanks for the kind words, but I’d like to ensure credit is placed where it is due.

This forum is using the discourse open source project We wouldn’t spend CR funds reinventing the wheel of course.


Discourse is a great project, thanks for spreading it’s awareness. I had not heard of the project until now.

I decided to view the project’s README file and after experiencing this implementation of it, I am very glad you’ve shared it and that it was chosen for this project.

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