The first global recession that crypto is going to experience?

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, all major economies have kept interest rates at or close to zero and maintained large fiscal deficits. A decade of massive, synchronised monetary and fiscal stimulus has led to the greatest asset bubble in history, to the tune of about US$100 trillion, nearly 1.5 times the world’s GDP.

Quantitative easing’s excessive money printing drove all financial assets, e.g. stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and cryptocurrencies to record highs .

What happen when the bubble finally burst?
How will a global market crash/recession affect Cryptocurrency?
Can Elastos survive the crisis?

2018-2019 Pop Goes The Debt Bubble


I would like someone explain in simple terms the economic crisis of 2008. The origin of the problem is about sub-primes and american houses?

  1. For the bubble burst, I think there will be a big huge FUD all over the world because we have more informations, good or false. Economic wise, I can see proprieties going up (again) but business of production being hurt ( because raw material will go up?), so little and medium businesses can be hurt too and close door very fast.

  2. Crypto will go down with the global market, it is a very young market and subject easily of manipulation. But if the global market go up, crypto will go up too. If I have wealth and I want to protect it from a world economic crisis, I will put it into knowledge, raw materials, or well spotted proprieties, but not crypto.

  3. Absolutly, you survive if you adapt into your new environnment.It is not always the bigger who wins but the ones who use their brain at full power, and elastos team is the top for this.It’s sure there is other good teams outside, but the reactivity of elastos for understanding their mistakes is the best. Thinking and Doing, with Iterations and Corrections is the most effective road for progressing.