The commiunity is shrinking

Hello everyone, I have been in the community of Elastos since 2018. When I joined, there were over 8k members in the official Telegram group. Today the group members are 7300 of which the number that actively participates is minimal. This can be seen not only in the Telegram group where discussions take place between a few members, but also in the Cyber ​​Republic forum which is no longer used.

So what does it mean that the Elastos community is constantly shrinking? Have most people lost their enthusiasm for the project?
If you want my opinion most members have lost their enthusiasm for the project. Justifiable, because they do not see any real benefit after so long. Those who have invested see their investment not going well and those who are visionary are waiting for the implementation that will bring the revolution, which is delayed … There is a percentage of members who are still active, they say their opinion and ideas, but nobody cares about them. How much will they hope and try? Probably for as long as they can stand.

So if we are really a community project would it not be wise to try to grow the community? Or does the community not have a place in the project yet so it does not need to concern us?