Test / test management team in the Cyber Republic

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I would like to point towards an already existing test team in the Cyber Republic.

Why do you need help of a test team?
We are not part of the developing project teams so we have an unbiased point of view.
This means we can identify risks and issues a developer does not see anymore due to his/her work in the project over time.
We are tayloring test concepts and test catalouges to needs of the project team.
Those test cases will be executed by the test team and findings will be documented and reported back to the project team.
This will happen in a structured way so that the project team is able to reproduce the defect and fix it.

What would be the first steps?
The test team will get in contact with the project team and we will build a test case catalouge according to the needs of the project team to achieve the best test coverage possible.

We need to discuss which OS versions should be covered. (no problem with an emulator or testautomation tool like Ranorex).

There will be some developer tests BUT that is an effort of 20 - 30% MAXIMUM of the whole testing effort.
The oder 70 - 80% are tests for which no developer is needed or coding skills.

So if someone would like to join the team but has any doubts because he or she has no coding skills: you are very welcome to join the team :slight_smile:

Within the testing process everyone gains experience with testing and in a best case scenario developers from project A can support developers from project B and point them to issues they would not have thought of before.
The overall goal is to create an ecosystem wide awaress of the need of proper testing for delivering good quality no matter if it is a beta or final release product and spread testing knowledge.

I have created this team because I would like to contribute to the Cyber Republic but I am really neither a developer nor a design guy but I have 5 years experience in testing and I am doing test management for 3 years now.

Would be nice if there is any chance to use the forum for sharing knowledge in this area.


I would be willing to join your team. I have very little coding skills however i was able to install a carrier node and am currently learning some things in Ubuntu. If you need someone to test UI let me know i would be happy to help.

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Hey CNOTE, just hit the apply button on the team’s page :slight_smile:
Would be happy to have you on board.