Telegram-style chat box on the forum home page?

(Chris P) #1

I’d love to see a live-feed chat box on the forum home page (especially with Telegram becoming more toxic by the day) You could even implement a NEX style system, to avoid trolling:

You must have at least 1 NEX in your account to join the NEX Community. Once you have registered you can log in to the Community irrespective of your NEX balance.

So maybe you would have to have 1 ELA attached to your DID in order for you to gain access to the chat initially, then you’re good to go.

As the CR gains traction and Elastos gets more popular, I think this chat feature would be pretty cool for promoting quality discussion (and as an alternative option to Telegram.)

(Guillaume Courtois ( Guik0 )) #2

I don’t know if a chat into a forum is a nice idea at the beginning.It will slown down the quality of the forum. Later, with a lot of people, why not, but I see Telegram is good enough for now.

Do we need to regroup or separate types of communication? Is it more “effective” ( in quality & quantity ) to have specific environnements or a big mixed one?

I can see your idea but it can be better ( just don’t know about it yet), I prefer a welcome page with everything elastos-related interactive picture. It gives a big overview of all the connections between dapps/partners/content creators/…

With or without a Nex system, we will have always trolls :confused: Need to dig this idea too with it’s own post!

(Paul Date) #3

I have to agree with this.

(Chris P) #4

You raise some good points. If it did happen, I’d agree that it would need to be implemented at a later stage.

In the future, I see the CR Forum being a hub for everything Elastos. My hope is that we slowly migrate away from Telegram. Definitely get your point though - just thought I’d throw the idea out there :+1:

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