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(Kenneth Kao) #1

Please drop your Supernode Updates and Submissions here for us to add or change on our website. If you would like a feature for your supernode in our CR Weekly Update, send an email with your supernode article to [email protected].

(M Boes) #2


Hereby I’d like to submit our supernode participation.

Name of our node: Elaforestnode

Node holders: Michael Boes & Giel Boes

E-mail: [email protected]

Location: Netherlands

Members: 2

Server configuration: Cloud (aws)

Website: (under construction)

Telegram Channel: To be announced

Reward structure: Ecological development and voters.


Elaforestnode is a supernode group created by cryptocurrency enthousiasts and cyber republicans Michael (a.k.a. Brobo1 on telegram) and Giel Boes. Two Dutch Elastonian brothers, whose mission it is to plant over 1 milion trees by 2025. Giel Boes is a serial and social IT entrepreneur and ambassador of WeForest(dot)org. So far we’ve accomplished to plant almost 39.000 trees.

We all love Elastos, and I think we can all agree that one of Elastos’ greatest features is in its security by merge mining with Bitcoin’s proof of work (PoW) blockchain. PoW has many advantages, but as we all know, the great disadventage of PoW is that it consumes alot of electricty, which has an indirect impact on climate change, and thereby on all of our lives

The science is clear. Climate change is real. Climate change is happening now. Climate change requires immediate and ambitious action to prevent the worst effects it can have on people and wildlife all over the world.

Elaforestnode is partnering with WeForest in order to start our own foundation. It is our primary objective to secure the Elastos network. Our secondary objective is to plant as many trees as possible on a global scale.

A percentage (t.b.a.) of voting rewards will go towards ecological development. For now our focus is on planting trees. In the future we’ll look into other options aswell, e.g. ocean cleanup or wildlife preservation.

Best regards,

Michael and Giel Boes

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(M Boes) #3


Thank you for adding Elaforestnode to the list of supernode candidates! It would be great if you could add Additional Information about our node aswell. For this you can use the overview from my previous reply. Our website is in the making and should be ready within the next couple of weeks.


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(Kenneth Kao) #4

Hi Michael,

We’ll be using it in the next week’s Weekly Update where we’ll do a small write up and highlight your node with your overview content. But we can also update your description on the website soon as well.

(M Boes) #5


It would be great if you guys would update our supernode specifications and additional information.
You can find our vision, mission and reward structure on our website. Thanks.

-Michael Boes

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