Supernode stopped syncing

Im playing around with building a supernode, following tutorials etc. I’ve built it but the blockchain has stopped syncing at height 433496.
I built a transaction to activate with my nodepublickey and got the hex.
Then when I go to send the transaction
“./ela-cli wallet sendtx -f ready_to_send.txn --rpcuser User --rpcpassword Password”

I get “[ERROR] INTERNAL ERROR, ErrTransactionPayload”.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Is it possible to get a bootstrap of the chain somewhere?

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Which tutorials are you using?
Here is some tutorials that you can use to setup your supernode

As per multasoy reply, which package did you use?

With sending tx to activate, are you substituting in your credentials for user and password?

And to correct your issue, when block height stops syncing (I.e stops at a certain height), you will need to run the following command first.

sudo systemctl stop elastos-ela;
sudo rm -rf /data/elastos/ela/elastos;
sudo systemctl restart elastos-ela

Once you have done that, may take 12hrs, you would then send the tx to bring it back to active

Thank you for the help.
I was using the cyber republic setup.
I updated ela from version 3.3 to the newest and rolled back the chain.
Seems to be syncing well now.

Now time to raise 5000 ela to use it :crazy_face:

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That’s great to hear it syncing again

Any issues, feel free to reach out

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