Supernode Pool Recruitment and Q & A


I would be interested as well. 10-5 person pool.


For anybody interested, visit the “Teams” page on Cyber Republic, and join Supernode Pool1.


I am also interested in joining a supernode pool. I have managed to accumulate 5000 ELA, but I don’t have the ressource to run a supernode 24h/7 as my internet connection is not very reliable and I don’t have the time to always be next to my computer to ensure the constant connection. So, basically, if someone out there is happy to combine his technical knowledge, hardware and internet connection with my stack of ELA, we can share the fruits of running together a reliable supernode.


I’m also interested in joining a pool


Yep, definitely interested in joining a pool


I would like to join too.


Not all the peoples would want to join to run SN, some peoples may only want to vote to get the reward , however they is important to have the rewarding system for voting members . To be one of the 108 SN, it’s very important to have a communities as your backbone to vote for you, and you have to thought about you are against big whale, they might have bigger pool of ELA .
As for the reward system , how u want to reward people’s have 10k ELA compare to 1k ELA .


I’d be interested in joining a 5 person pool. What is involved in running a node? Would we split monthly server costs for example?


Hi All,

I am interested in joining a supernode pool,

I have the resources to run a server, please DM me if you have a pool or would like to join.




Excellent Bruno! There are many people that are looking for someone to actually run the server so it should be easy to find you a group here!


I don’t see a way to DM you directly, but I’d be interested in joining you.


Everyone can message each other here, just click on their name then a message button appears.


I would like to join a pool also.


I’m also interested in joining. I can’t figure out how to send a message so please send one my way if you’re still looking for folks to join.


Hey man,

reach out to me on telegram @bruno1738


Hey man,
shoot me a dm on telegram @bruno1738


Shoot me a dm on telegram @bruno1738


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im very confused. How do I join a supernode. Where is a link to the advertised node managers?


Yes, I would definitely be very interested to pool up with a small team and help to run an Elastos supernode. My main skillset is software product management and technical architecture. I have started multiple companies from scratch and I have some basic knowledge about Azure’s Linux servers and Node.Js/NPM based applications. I would love to learn more about Elastos infrastructure and would happy to contribute >2K Elastos into the supernode project. Please feel free to get in touch on Twitter: @hansolospace