Supernode Pool Recruitment and Q & A

(Michael Stack) #1

Hello friends, I wanted to make a topic here for anyone interested in joining/creating a Supernode Pool so they could come here and connect with each other. This topic is also for people to ask/answer questions regarding how the multi-signature wallets will operate for these pools. Many have never used these before so this is a great place to give some clarity and comfort about how everything will operate. - Michael S


(Valentin Seidler) #2


Thank you for creating this post,
I would be interested in a Supernode Pool :slight_smile:

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(Guillaume Courtois) #3

Interested of participating in a pool too


(Gabriel Sverginsky) #4

I posted this in telegram but thought I’d post here also as I’m sure others will have similar thoughts.

Say I join a pool. If there can be bad actors, that means that these actors must have control in order to able to be bad, correct? So in a pool, how is that control distributed? What if one of the pool members is a bad actor and makes everyone in that pool to lose their ELA? If someone joins a pool with a small amount of ela, they won’t be risking much in order to be a bad actor, thus won’t have much to lose.

I’m just thinking out loud. Would love to hear good rebuttals to these concerns.

Also, who from the pool would run the node? And how will rewards be distributed?


(Michael Stack) #5

It looks like you can run the node through a VPN using a service that charges a monthly fee. If anyone knows the company that can do this please add this information since I do not know who it goes through. You can use the multisig spv wallet which is currently available on the Elastos GitHub for Android but hopefully will be added to Android and iOS app stores soon. KP also says “The wallet will have a function where you can register to be one of the Supeenodes in the future so keep a look out for that.”

KP also says:
DPoS was supposed to be live towards the end of feb. which it is still on track. At first, there will only be 12 supernodes(the CRC nodes) and later in April, all 108 supernodes will be supported. So it really doesn’t matter whether the DPoS voting is live right now since we are at least 2 months away from all 108 supernodes being live. I would expect the actual voting function in the wallet will be live in early March or so - five or take.”


(Lukas Kupfer) #6

We talked about this in the TG-Group_

"Well thats totally up to the pool how they handle it, they could make contracts thats the bad actor need to payout the others.

Elastos will not bring a solouton how the community can run the pools."

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(Gabriel Sverginsky) #7

Also copy/pasted from my telegram reply to this point.

“What about cyber republic?

Rules and terms of pools should be flexible and changeable. But there should be some sort of smart contract template created that pools can add to or delete from (and this is what I meant in an earlier post that could be added to the CR constitution). These rules should be mandatorily visible to the public so people can read them before voting for a pool. This template would be similar to a customizable legal smart contract. Then each of the players in the pools would digitally sign and agree to abide by the terms of this smart contract, and their signature will be finalized with the transfer of ELA to the address where it needs to be stored.

There should also be a voting mechanism within each pool to give the individuals with more ELA more power to vote on issues that arise as those people have more to lose than people with less ELA and this are more incentivezed to not be bad actors.

I’m just thinking out loud. Hopefully this makes sense though.”


(Fabian Zijlstra) #8

Im interested in pooling for a supernode. I got 500 ela to put in.

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(Jeremiah Coltart) #9

I would be interested in pooling together with 5 people, each of us with 1k ELA.


(Utiahc222) #10

I am interested. Thank you for creating the post.

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(Utiahc222) #11

I have near 900 is that fine?

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(Michael Stack) #12

For a pool of 6 (the most signatures that can be used on the Elastos Multisig Wallet) should be enough. :slight_smile:


(Brendanl) #13

I’m interested in joining a pool with 4-5 other people. Thanks for starting this discussion.


(Jono Kirk) #15

I’d be interested too.

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(Nole Oppermann) #16

Calling All Cyber Republicans that are interested in joining a SuperNode! I have created a team (SuperNode Pool1) so that we can continue to move forward. This pool will have four additional team members, with at least one having the computing capacity and technical skillset to host a node. What mikestack11 mentioned regarding a third-party host provider is a possibility as well. After SuperNode Pool1 fills up, then more teams can be created right here on cyber republic. Cheers!


(Rahul Dalal) #17

I am interested too. Contact me anytime.

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(Mark Gran) #18

I’m also interested in joining a pool of 4-5 person, I’m also a developer.

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(Piotr Koscielniak) #19

I would be interested as well. 10-5 person pool.

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(Nole Oppermann) #20

For anybody interested, visit the “Teams” page on Cyber Republic, and join Supernode Pool1.

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(Arno FR) #21

I am also interested in joining a supernode pool. I have managed to accumulate 5000 ELA, but I don’t have the ressource to run a supernode 24h/7 as my internet connection is not very reliable and I don’t have the time to always be next to my computer to ensure the constant connection. So, basically, if someone out there is happy to combine his technical knowledge, hardware and internet connection with my stack of ELA, we can share the fruits of running together a reliable supernode.