Suggestion: HyperConnect - Open-source, modular Internet-of-Things Framework

(Peter Strauss) #1

As a result of careful planning and ongoing discussions with the Elastos Foundation and Cyber Republic team members, we are proposing the development of an open source Internet-of-Things(IoT) framework under the name ‘HyperConnect’ that utilizes the Elastos blockchain and Carrier network as well as other components of the Elastos ecosystem.

The goal of the project is to provide a modular, open-source and feature-rich framework that may be used in any IoT industry vertical as well as for personal use.

For further details, please see:

Please feel free to share your concerns or suggestions in the comment section of the page

Thank you!


(Peter Strauss) #2

I have recently answered several questions regarding the HyperConnect project in the comment section: .

Please feel free to share comments or suggestions.

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(Clarence Liu) #3

Thank you, I’m in touch with the council and they are aware of your dedication to Elastos, it’s still kind of Chinese New Years right now so please be patient.

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(Peter Strauss) #4

Our suggestion has recently been picked up as a proposal by CR:

We are very thankful to everyone!

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