Some suggestions to proposers

Recently, there has been some controversy in the community about approval of proposal, so I listed the key points that should be paid attention to as follows:

  1. Proposal is presented not only to the council, but also to the whole community, so please pay attention to the integrity of proposal.

  2. Before writing a proposal, assume that the reader does not know you or your team at all, and persuade the reader to support your proposal on this premise.

  3. Goals should be as clear, specific or measurable as possible;

  4. Explain the ways to achieve each goal and the resources needed in the Implementation Plan.

  5. Give a brief introduction to the key members of the executive team.

  6. The budget needs to include an expenditure plan, which corresponds to the implementation plan.

It should be noted that when reviewing and approving proposals, council members will first consider where the logic of approving proposal bases on, and because council members have to consider the community’s response to a proposal, those proposals that are not clear enough is likely to be rejected.

Finally, CR Interim council members are all part-time and free of charge, so if we can’t respond to community feedback in time, please understand and be patient.


Hi Yipeng. What is the outcome of this proposal ?
Is it already executed or cancelled?

It’s in execution. If you want more detailed information, you can contact Rebecca

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