Other Crypto Projects We Should Bring Over as a Sidechain or Emulate

I keep running across other Crypto Projects who would do well on the Elastos Ecosystem. These are projects that are not as technically developed as Elastos, but have industry connections or use. I think that it would end up being the CR’s job to submit a suggestion and hopefully propose to making a sidechain based on these projects for a mutually beneficial relationship. Of course, getting into contact and convincing these projects to move on as a sidechain is another issues entirely…

Anyway, a couple that have popped out to me:

Consensus (SEN) is pretty much trying to create a governance system on blockchain. Sure, other projects are, but the founder is the creator of 500px, which is a photographer’s site with voting and sort-of a public consensus system on what is most popular–from there, editors can grab or ask for rights for some of these photos. 500px is a pretty well known site, and it was my initial model for CR submissions of all types when it came to content.

Publica (PBL) is a publishing company on the blockchain. Both SEN and PBL are ERC20 tokens, but Publica in particular is a team that I’d consider tech weak, but in the publishing company. They already have digital assets in the form of books, and they are launching or have just launched a p2p book trading platform. They have partners to create a fiat gateway, and they have virtually no exchanges (even IDEX doesn’t have them anymore due to extremely low volume). They need to move to Elastos, IMHO.

I wrote in the title, “or emulate” because I found NKN’s one click miner for cloud computing node setup reallllly easy and attractive. They do so through Google Cloud Computing and Digital Ocean. Anyway, a supernode setup like this could make us a lot more decentralized with DPoS.

Then again, I’m not so technical, so maybe all my suggestions aren’t relevant.

What other projects have you found that could move to Elastos? How do we get them onto the CR and go through CRC? Why don’t we get aggressive about this? To me, it’s the quickest way to get dapps on Elastos–grab the good ideas with teams have good connections that need better tech.


There are already over 100 protocols working and having customers

(once I took care of putting Elastos on this list)
Some of their tokens have ERC20 format, so in theory they can easily provide themselves scalability by creating a sidechain.

I’m not sure if someone needs to be persuaded to take advantage of this opportunity.
Maybe once we have a fully working hybrid protocol, they will do research with their own will.


Definately EOSIO blockchains (EOS, TLOS, WORBLI, etc.). I believe both networks would benefit massively, especially for EOS which can potentially ensure true mutability by checking with its hash-logs on the Elastos main merged mining POW chain, and perhaps even reduce blockchain bloat of older history chains via encrypted compression plus logging its hashes.


These are really good suggestions and I actually thought the same about Publica. I even considered trying to write to the CEO about it, because I feel like he’d respond to that well.
Personally, I really like what Ben Goertzel is trying to accomplish with SingularityNET, to develop artificial general intelligence through a network of various skilled AIs (he’s also based in Hong Kong). I’ve also heard him mention in interviews he wants a decentralised server solution too (which Elastos can provide), because of the delicate nature of what he’s trying to build. I think a partnership between the two would be nothing short of outstanding, and the project is blockchain agnostic, they just went with Ethereum because it was convenient.


Maybe we can get Elastos Orchard to build a connection between some of these existing ETH projects.


To add to this list for future consideration I think it we were able to demonstrate the finite digital asset aspect of Elastos to the team at WAX, we would be able to help them expand their business model from in-game assets and virtual items to include games themselves, making them a true one stop online video game store. They already have one of the top ten blockchains in terms of pure activity, and are one of the biggest player in the in-game asset space. They also had the sense to just use EOS as a blueprint for their blockchain, so porting them over as their own sidechain would be win-win for both parties.