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Elastos Orchard

The European Business Development hub for the new internet

“Elastos has the power to change the world, to truly make the internet a better place, yet it is hardly visible and still fairly unknown in Europe; we can help make that happen.” - Chris MacGregor, Elastos Orchard.

Not too long ago a group of Elastos enthusiasts, operational planners, marketeers, entrepreneurs and (AI) programmers were brought together by the person we all know as Gandhi with exactly this goal in mind. These people, who come from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and culturally, all share the same passion for Elastos and a vision for adoption in Europe.

The European market is an interesting one for many reasons. Primarily, these are:

  1. It is a large and rich economy where the e-commerce market alone already accounts for €455bn!
  2. It is one of the most innovation-driven digital markets in the world. Forbes shows that 70% of the “best prepared countries for a new digital economy” are European.
  3. European countries, businesses and people score extremely highly on the World Bank’s ratings for digital adoption.
  4. European schools, colleges and universities are some of the best in the world and 15 countries have integrated coding into their school curricula.
  5. Policy-makers and EU governments are globally influential and set global standards.

However, despite the introduction of a range of initiatives, there remains a huge deficit of digital skills in Europe. Despite being a large and innovation-driven market, with comparative wealth and potential, European awareness, understanding and adoption of blockchain is low. This has raised serious questions about the future of employment and has led to a prioritisation of education and training to raise digital literacy and skills. In the context of growing concern for internet security and economic reform it is evident that a new, smart internet is required. This is a problem that Elastos Orchard aims to solve.

Elastos Orchard will contribute to the global success of Elastos by focussing on three connected lines of operation: Education to increase understanding of the internet and the benefits of the Elastos smart web); Consultation with existing businesses and forging the Connection of ideas with resources.

1. Educate

With help from the Cyber Republic community, Orchard will prepare a range of educational material for use in all communities, but focussed on schools, universities, industries and government. This will help explain why data ownership and the Elastos smartweb are essential foundations for a safe, digital, IoT world and next global economy. The aim is to attract and grow educated ambassadors and Elastos DApp developers.

2. Consult

Adoption by business is critical for the true growth of the Elastos ecosystem. Orchard will consult with and nurture businesses that wish to integrate with Elastos to benefit from the modern internet of wealth. Orchard will support businesses transition from isolated to integrated.

3. Connect

As the European business development hub, Elastos Orchard will connect startups and high potential projects with investors, developers and industrial strategists. Having signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with a potential partner, we will have to wait to describe how we aim to grow the Elastos ecosystem with them.

All three lines of operation are mutually supportive and we intend to become a completely self-sustainable business within three years. As importantly, we are the pioneers for the creation of other Elastos business development hubs. We hope to share all that we do and learn so that others can establish their equivalents on all continents using our experience to accelerate their growth and success - all for the benefit of the Elastos ecosystem.

What is next?

The team working on Elastos Orchard want “to grow more Apples”, but we realise that this is a bold ambition. Effectively, we are a start-up sapling in our own right but we are backed by Rong Chen’s vision, the amazing technical work of the Elastos core-teams to date and by you, the Cyber Republic. Our immediate focus is the creation of a formal business plan for Elastos Orchard which describes the successful achievement of all three lines of operation. This requires some seed-corn funding to facilitate our virtual planning and a 2-day face-to-face collaborative planning session. We will develop in detail our strategy and tactical plans to launch every element of Elastos Orchard. We expect to do this within the next six weeks but require your vote to support our proposal in Cyber Republic. If you like what we want to do, please vote to get our initial proposal across the start-line.

Thank you, Chris, Diego, Jochem, KP, Nicola and Rachid (in alphabetical order).


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This is direct community action. There are millions of ways to support the Elastos vision. Congratulation on actually doing something much needed.

Thank you and best of luck