NEO Dev Con and NEO 3.0, are we "wasting" our time?

With NEO Dev Con going on, and topics about NEO 3.0 not coming out until 2020, potentially going back to a genesis block for NEO where much is changing from their consensus model, to GAS, to adding native contracts (rather than running them on NEO VM), is Elastos “wasting” it’s time by trying to be compatible at this point? I don’t have a programming background, but with both ETH and NEO changing their structures pretty significantly, I do wonder how hard it is to keep up with all the changes and be agile enough to pivot. This might be better suited for the Developer discussions, so admin feel free to move.


Time spent on development is never a “waste”. No matter what happens to public neo Blockchain, as long as neo sidechain is available on elastos, that’s good enough. After all, the only reason neo is being ported is so that devs can write smart contracts for neo vm. Neo public Blockchain is not the same as neo vm. Neo team is going on a different direction because their end goal is different than elastos. Elastos is porting neo for the sole purpose of making it possible to execute neo smart contracts and nothing else. When the time comes, whatever new neo will end up being, the neo sidechain on elastos will still function. And if new neo is better, elastos will just port their new vm to elastos. We need to stop comparing a Blockchain project like neo, Eth to an ecosystem and infrastructure project like elastos. My two cents