My dApp Suggestions For Start

( Kirby) #1

Hello Guys , I Am Happy To Join Cyber Republic
At First Time , Sorry For My Bad English Typing
My Name Is Khayyam , But I Am Kirby !
I Have Some Suggestions For Start Introduction Elastos To People Live In Everywhere In Difference Way OF The Other Projects Such ETH , Neo
Future Just For Useful And Difference dApps And I Believe IF One OF The Projects (Eth , Neo , Ada , Eos , Ela ) Can Run Sooner Their (Difference) dApps And People Know Them And Get Interested To Use Theirs Product (No Difference Between East , West) To The End Will Succeed And Be Famous But This Major Requires Two Field

One : Launch Difference dApps

Two : Partners With Big Companies

Okay ! I Think This Is Enough For Start
I Have Some Suggestions For Elastos Team And Dear Rong Chen !
Some OF These Is Private And Can Not Say In This Space
I Have To Say Again , My English Is Bad And Can Not Explain Details OF dApps As Good As I Want !yui

My First Suggestion :

So Far
Are U Hear About ( " VR Painting " ) ?
This Is Still Unknow For Peoples !
Please See One Example OF This On Youtube :

People Can Draw And Paint Such This Things With Two Tools That Google Design And Lunch That

One : Tilt Brush

Two : Google Blocks

So , IF Elastos Can Design Such This Tools And Get More Possibilities Into Own Tools (I Have Suggestion About That , But IF People Interested , I Will Say Some Details)
Design Own dApp To Provide Space That People After Drawing , Post Their Work Samples OR Put Into Themselves Shops (Such Instagram App)
And Followers Instead OF Like , Send Red Package
Buy With Use Ela Coins !
And We Add Some Other Attractive Options Into This dApp !
Okay ! What Is The Benefits OF This Work For Elastos ?

One : I Think This Is Difference And We Have Not Any Other Projects Like This And We Can Call This New Modern Digital Painting For All

Two : People Attract dApp To Earn Money With Use

Three (Important) : VR Headsets And Controls Made By HTC , So IF We Go Toward The HTC And This Company Partner With Us (Because We Can Increase Their Sells) It Is Too Good For Us , But Why ?!

ETH , Neo Planned To Lunch Cute Gaming dApps (Use Japanese Characters) So
IF We Have Partners With HTC , We Can Dominate Theirs Phone And Can Lunch Any Various dApps On It !
But I Have One Special Offer To Work This Work :
Razer Is American Company
They Have Gaming Phones , So IF Razer Partner With Us And Made This Headsets
This Is Wonderful For Us !
Because We Dominate Their Gaming Phones And Lunch Any Games On It !

A - 51

(Charles Coombs-Esmail) #2

Hey Kirby nice idea! I think maybe Elastos could help by doing something along the lines of making the VR painting design files scarce and trade able. It would use DID and Carrier for identification and distribution, and possibly the Runtime to help with Digital Rights Management.