“WESTERN SUPERNODES Virtual Meet-up” N°1 at SATURDAY 30 MARCH at 6 P.M +/- 1 hour GMT" —————-On Discord :

Please come and share questions, answers, there will be people from different horizons, we keep it only West for a first but it will be perhaps possible to make an international monthly meeting in the futur !


Where is the discord link for the channel?

My bad.

Next Meeting N°2 of IDEA team will be held on the DIscord on Saturday 27 April, Start at 17pm GMT, finish at ~19pm GMT, we will discuss more about Cyber Republic and everything associated to it (Council, Secretariat, CRC, Experts,…

Intervention of anyone is more than welcome ( we prefer to use voice channels but you could write too!),I will write global questions and you can answers them or write others questions too. The “game” is to find news ideas from the ping-pong of dialogue.

Please have a drink and come to listen to us!

EDIT of 8 April : 33 peoples participating as now !


This is a good thing. I hope the nodes can work together to promote the ecological prosperity of Elastos.