Marketing & Awareness of Elastos & The Cyber Republic


Hi, I like the forums set up and can see this working really well
An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.
– [Buddha]
Elastos will hopefully bring good things to reality. :grinning:


Video looks good, great job!


Thanks for your work. We need more CR citizens like you contributing :).


great job , i believe elastos will go to moon soon…:laughing:


Great job… alight, it says 20 characteristics required


Great idea guys… Hope the core team delivers a excellent product so we can attract some good devs


@cryptowinning good video CW


Which video is that?


Amazing jopb, I really dig it!


Thank you so much! Any support is always appreciated! It’s lonely in my basement :slight_smile:


Much love! Time to take back our data!


Do you mean on my icon photo here? Or do you mean on the cover art of the video on YouTube? I think the one on the video is the right one, right? Thank you for the link, I used some of the new ones in my latest video.


Not sure what you mean? I was talking about the video I posted above about the weekly update.


@Everyone New Elastos weekly update for January 4th just released! Hope you all enjoy. Like and subscribe, Much Love! #DecentralizeEverything


Nice work. The colorful logo is the old one whereas the new one is in solid colors


Hi,what I think would be good is that after reading each piece of news ,you can explain what this means and how it can it improves Elastos.This would help not coders alot to understand the importance of eachpiece of news.


Great work man. Love it. What do you teach exactly? As a teacher, how would you explain Elastos to a kid?


The old logo is nicer IMHO


I teach history, government, and economics. That is a good suggestion on teaching what Elastos is to a kid. I will try to start planning a video on that. Chico Crypto has some really good videos breaking it down. Thanks for the comments.


New video covering the January 11th Weekly Update is out now!