Hyper Messenger iOS Beta Available

Hi everyone,

the iOS version of the Hyper Messenger is now available!

Please follow this link to download the app:

During Beta, Apple’s TestFlight app will be required to enable updates. After Beta, the TestFlight app will not be required anymore.

The following features are implemented:

  • User management
  • Message overview
  • Chat window
  • Contact status
  • Message date and time
  • Own Profile
  • Incoming Requests: View Welcome Message
  • Unread Messages - Marked In Overview
  • Automated address creation and connection
  • and other basic features

NOT yet available features:

  • file sharing
  • offline messaging
  • groups / rooms

Note: iOS strictly limits background processes, therefore once the app is hidden or closed, carrier network connection will be closed, therefore message sending and receiving will not be possible. We will also test workarounds to improve the experience.
Also, offline messaging via Elastos Hive will solve this issue.

Thank you all for your patience and continuous support!


Great work! :slight_smile:

I seems to be working great for me! Terrific job!

Super cool! Working great over here but i need friends to message with lol.

My address if anybody wants to add me

I’m anxious to see an update to their roadmap.