Hyper.im - Peer-to-Peer Instant Messenger


We have set out to build a mobile instant messenger that utilizes the Elastos Carrier network and the Elastos DID.

The combination of the Carrier and Elastos DID allows total anonymity for users as well as secure, encrypted communication. Although a few peer-to-peer messengers are available, the distribution of IDs still occurs through a centralized or semi-centralized manner. By using blockchain technology, to be more specific the Elastos DID sidechain, both the ID distribution and the communication via the peer-to-peer layer are fully decentralized and therefore secure and private with full anonymity.

Our goal is to build an easy to use, intuitive, modern mobile application with great design.
We believe that if we do our job well, most users will not even notice that in the background, it is all done with distributed technologies - they will just reap the benefits of security and privacy.

The Android version will be released by the end of january and will be available on app stores in february.
After collecting feedback on the Android version, we will release an iOS version as well, possibly in april.

Starting next week, we will be looking for beta testers for the Android version - please send me a private message here on the CR forum or comment below so I may contact you.

Website: https://hyper.im/




Awesome! Really liking the logo/style you’ve gone for too. Looking forward to playing around with the finished product.


Great! Looking forward to try it out, dm me if you need a beta tester


Good job, i’d like to try it out when possible :+1:


Excited for this. Thanks!


@strauss any Github repo link?


Awesome, I’ll help with testing. Can you please send me a link when ready


Cool, work in the same spirit !!!:+1:


@strauss Great job. Finally we have full control of our account through pure decentralized ID.
Count me in as your beta tester


Nice, looking forward to it. Happy to help test too


Sign me up please for beta testing.


Beta tester here!:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:




Thank you, glad you like the style!


Thanks, I will contact you. We will send out the .apk to all beta testers on monday (13th of january).


We are definitely open to inviting developers to a private repository, but we are currently considering publicly open sourcing the entire code of the finished app with all features. At least for a while.

The main reason is that we would rather push the project with the help of other developers in a coordinated manner to a very high quality app that anyone can use and enjoy, instead of having many branches going into different directions.

As said, we are open to a discussion, please let me know what you think.


Thanks, I will send you the .apk on monday.


Thank you! I will send you the .apk on monday.


Thank you, I will contact you on monday.