Hyper.im - Beta now available

We are very excited to announce that the Beta version of the Android Hyper Messenger is now available on GitHub!

Please download the .APK file here and follow the instructions described in the readme file: https://github.com/hypermessenger/android-beta

Our website https://hyper.im/ is now also live.
We will be adding screenshots and more content this week.

If you wish to start chatting with other community members in the Hyper Messenger, please publish your address from the Hyper Messenger here in the thread.

The address can be found by clicking the profile button in the top right corner.


Thanks Strauss. App looks very sleek! Simple but great UX too.

Feel free add me anymlone (address updated for google play)


Thanks for sharing!

If I’m not mistaken, you packaged the app with minimal API version 26 (Oreo). https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/ can you lower to 21?

If you don’t have any Android phone you can use https://www.genymotion.com/fun-zone/ & https://docs.genymotion.com/latest/Content/03_Virtual_Devices/Deploying_an_application.htm

(so you can create 2 devices on your desktop to make it easier for user testing)


On your features list, I don’t see any Elastos Wallet & DID, any plan for that?


Working nice and neat for a start!, and the transfer of data is pretty fast

My address : VRcszABkBNfM5xcVMSuQXHm8q6W1DDMkVfNTevMe7f6M4whydwZQ
Well played, nice project with the Elastos tech!

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I like it! Thanks
Working fine with Nexus 9 API 29
Package error with Android 4.4 (API level 20) and with Nougat Android 7.0 (API level 24) , I know …old devices

User interface looks very clean and sharp. Can’t wait to download the iPhone version once available!


Hi @strauss. Great work from you and team for making this. Very cool.

Would like to ask, are features request to be done only in GitHub?

amazing stuff! its not yet possible to use it as desktop version, isn it?

Hyper Messenger is now available on the Google Play Store! (Open Beta)

If you have downloaded the .APK from GitHub previously, please remove it and install
the app from the Google Play Store, so you may receive updates automatically
as we add new features.


A new update is available for Hyper on the Google Play Store:

New features:

  • Message Notifications (Background service)
  • Friend Request Notifications (Background service)
  • Nickname Update
  • “Stay Connected” Option (Background service)
  • Design Elements
  • Incoming Requests: View Welcome Message
  • Unread Messages - Marked In Overview

Id like to test it, can someone add me “China Man”.
Is it planned that crypto payments via hyper can be done, similar to wechat?

File transfer functionalities including images, audio and video are now enabled in Hyper messenger.
In addition, each user can set their presence to online/busy/away in their profile and see the presence of friends.

File sharing:

  • files are not stored on the network, only on the sender’s and recepient’s phone
  • the recepient stores received files under ‘Downloads’ in the folder named ‘Hyper’
  • because files are not stored on the network, both the sender and the receiver must stay online until the transfers are complete
  • (Transition) Both sender and receiver must update to the latest version of Hyper to send or receive files
  • Data transfer time (throughput) depends on the carrier network

The next update related to file transfer will add:

  • camera functionalities: take a picture or record a video and send within the conversation
  • voice messages: record and send or receive and play voice messages without leaving the conversation
  • GIFs: play/stop/resume GIFs in chat (currently it must be clicked to open and play)
  • extensive transfer handling: stop or resume
  • and a few other features

You continue to impress my friend! Keep up the amazing progress, once available on iOS I have many coworkers ready to get on board!


900 Beta users for Android!

We would like to thank all of you for helping us get here. This couldn’t have been possible without the support of this great community!


Invite multiple online friends into a chat room - feature has been released with latest update.

The ‘room’ functionality allows anyone to create a chat room, invite online friends to join and chat as in a group conversation.

In contrast to group chat, the room chat is:

  • only available until the creator of the room is connected to the network.
  • only the creator of the room can invite online friends.
  • only those friends can be invited that are online at the time of the creation of the room or are online while the room is active and has not been closed by the creator of the room.

Please note that only those users can join the chat room that have also updated the app to the latest release.

In addition, the following features have been released:

  • Delete entire conversation or individual messages
  • In-app camera function
  • In-app voice-messages ( android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO permission must be approved )

trying this out now, sounds like a cool app! So the Elastos Carrier is already functioning and is used by the app for transferring e.g. messages and files P2P?

Correct, Hyper uses the Elastos Carrier which supports both messaging and P2P file sharing.

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