How to inform them?

An evolution is to strengthen the status quo.

A revolution is to disrupt the status quo.

Rong Chen

These words inspired me to make some thoughts. We are certainly at the beginning of a revolution, but as with any revolution, success is not guaranteed.
Many revolutions started in the past with great prospects and eventually failed.

So what does a revolution need to succeed?

In my opinion, the answer to this question is complicated, as the success of a revolution depends on many factors. But one factor is definitely necessary, and that is that the revolution must first be made public, so that a sufficient number of people can participate, who will fight to succeed.
No revolution can succeed without a sufficient number of people.

What do we need to do?

We must inform the world that the revolution has begun, it is here, whoever wants can come with us. He can become a member of CR and participate in this vision

How to inform them?

Let’s talk about that…
IIt is a pity that Cyber ​​Republic does not even have a YouTube channel. How about creating an official channel that will be informative? Beginner instruction videos can be created, as well as videos with new voting suggestions. It could also refer to any evolution of the Elastos Ecosystem