How do we ensure a council with the right mix of skills?

(Ray ) #1

Since voting is for candidates individually and not for the council as a group how will we ensure that the council has the right mix of skills (technical, business case analysis, community management etc etc.) as well as an appropriate geographical balance. In an extreme example we could end up with seven Western technical experts with no business experience or ability to work with the Chinese market, or vice versa.

One approach that comes to mind is an indirect election process kind of like a US senate confirmation. Prospective council members would apply to the Foundation who would nominate a council with the ‘right mix’ and present it to the community vote for confirmation.


(CR Admin) #2

The idea of geographic diversification has been floated before, but a lot of discussions come back to the crux of the problem of weighing pros and cons vs the traditional simple voting system.

Internally the developers and council have their work cut out for them delivering the elections by our anniversary, the community is welcome to discuss ideas, but further serious discussion about better governing models for CR should be taken up with the new council members.


(Ray ) #3

Ok, thanks for the response. I do think there’s a danger of ‘analysis paralysis’ so it does make sense to get started with a simple approach and make sure that the flexibility is built in to easily adapt, change, iterate as we learn from actual experience.


(Kenneth Kao) #4

This is an interesting question. To me, the council members will never have everything it needs to cover all areas as they are only three, but leadership skills including the use of advisors and the ability to see things in a global perspective are most important. Basically, wisdom over knowledge.

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(Jeremy Gordon) #5

I think it would be a great idea to poll the community on which characteristics, skills and attributes we want for CR Council members-- this would push for transparency towards ideal leadership for the Cyber Republic


(Ray ) #6

I like this idea - it will help us to stay focused on the priorities when voting.

I think the characteristics and skills we are looking for would depend somewhat on the job description for the council. It’s clear that they will need the technical expertise and business / market analysis skills to evaluate proposals. Will they also be incubating / mentoring the projects that they fund? Will they also be doing direct business development outreach to developer communities, enterprises, potential strategic ecosystem partners etc.? Will they be hiring in-house staff or consultants/advisors to bring in additional expertise as @kenninja suggests ? I’m guessing that the answer depends alot on how things develop once we get started but @clarencel if you have any thoughts at this point it would be great.

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(Clarence Liu) #7

Generally they would not be too involved in the projects they choose to fund, though nothing is stopping them. Yes the secretariat team will have openings for consultants/advisers, we would rely on the right advisers giving reports to the council and they can make the decision based on those.


(Alex Timbol) #8

A risk with direct elections is that someone or some group will game the election and it becomes like a Third World Country election.


(Ray ) #9

I agree. Or it becomes a popularity contest. I’ve used the example before of a candidate campaigning on the single issue of getting ELA on Binance and otherwise having no qualifications for the job. They could do very well. If voting in other blockchain projects is anything to go by voter turnout will be low too making these things even more of a risk.


(Elastos Insights) #10

A few names are obvious choices if they choose… Kp and ghandi have shown dedication and a level head plus a love of the project…