Guardian Circle clone for Trinity

(Jean-Michel Saulnier) #1

Should we tell Guardian Circle that they are wrong their idea would fit perfectly for an app on Trinity
It could be a feature in Hyper app or a different app (but because both will use Elastos Carrier, chat function could be interconnected)

You can vote for this suggestion:

(Charles Coombs-Esmail) #2

Yes let’s tell them how much better it would fit into Elastos.

(Emmanuel Omoruyi) #3

Voted on it, that would be really interesting ! Did you get in touch with them ?

(Mihail Tanev) #4

I did, here is their full reply:


(Jean-Michel Saulnier) #5

Thanks, sorry I never replied, but yeah they are not ready to switch to Elastos yet (it makes sense because they are just in the process to release a new version) but I stil believe that it would be a great dApps running on Elastos - Waiting their new release and how it could be improved with Elastos