Getting EOS/TELOS/WORBLI to partner and use Elastos Carrier to secure their dPOS network as side-chains

I understand that the goal of EOS is not aim to be the most decentralised network but to find a balance btwn decentralisation and usability + governance. However, I think the network could still significantly benefit from having a layer (if an app so chooses) to be periodically update a POW layer.
Perhaps EOS (and Elastos as well) could benefit greatly if it takes advantage of Elastos network structure, where the Elastos base network provides an underlying POW layer, allowing sidechains to update hashs onto it from time to time. Subsequent confirmations are already planned to be verified by dPOS on the Elastos network (i.e. Elastos consensus is a hybrid of merged-POW + dPOS consensus), and I think the EOS (and sister chains) The good block producers from EOS can benefit too with such a partnership – I believe almost all of the producers on TELOS are “good” producers, who owns their own servers (rather than renting from Amazon to secure the network). The Elastos project is building network OS that can run on any devices, allowing P2P communications (and potentially streaming of data) outside of the existing internet that bad governments can surveillance/censor. They already have distributed TV-boxes running as P2P nodes in China, and distributing their network OS to Chinese mobile manufacturers. I believe what Elastos is missing is something like EOS running as a sister/side chain on it, and EOS’s reputation in terms of network decentralization/security can also be further boosted by linking itself onto the Elastos carrier network.

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