Funding for the React Native Team!

(Kenneth Kao) #1

As in the latest Cyber Republic Weekly update, the React Native team is unable to continue unless they get funding approval through the Cyber Republic Consensus! We need votes to help this team continue. The last weekly update extensively covers what React Native is, and what they’ve accomplished so far. They have already completed an alpha, but this is only the first step of getting a complete dApp platform ready for developers curious to develop on Elastos.

In summary, however, React Native is similar to Trinity which Elastos Foundation is focusing on. But developers like options, and the more options there are, the more developers that will come to create on the Elastos Ecosystem. To me, this is a no-brainer. Support this suggestion!

Read the full weekly update here that covers the React Native team in detail:

You can vote for the suggestion here:

(Evan P.) #2

Hi Ken,

Good suggestion. Followed your link, can’t find the vote button… what am I missing? Thanks

(Chris P) #3

Click the ‘heart’ icon just above the comments section.

(Broer Boes) #4

Funding in ELA or funding in $, BTC/ NEO? If any of the latter I’m totally fine with it.
I don’t think funding projects with ELA is a good idea untill the ecosystem has working products. This will bring more users and demand, and thus more utility and liquidity for ELA tokens.


(Kenneth Kao) #5

What do you mean by working products? They need dApp platforms to create working products. It’s like saying, “We need apple phone apps,” before creating the iOS.

(Broer Boes) #6

Yes, I understand the importance of continuing development on RN and that it needs funds to do so.
At this moment I don’t think it’s wise for projects to be funded in ELA tokens. There is simply not enough liquidity. ELA’s price would depreciate quickly.

I’d like to see the Elastos Foundation funding the React Native project, but not with ELA.

(Benny Chau) #7

From Gandhi in Telegram:
“… there are CR projects which have ongoing funding right now, such as the weekly report, and it is possible to get funding in the CR before the Council is voted in by the community, but these funds come from the EF and not the CR. In essence the EF is funding the CR which is funding specific projects from the community”

So it is not funded by CR-ELA before August 2019.

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(Clarence Liu) #8

I’ll add an edit feature soon for the Suggestions, things like this should have a rough outline of costs and benefits to help the council members make a decision. Send me a message on the forums and we can chat about it sometime with KP and myself.

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(Kenneth Kao) #9

To me, this should be done during the proposal round, set up by the Council. Then the community/consensus can deny it if they think the budgeting too high.

(Benny Chau) #10

Till now there are 50+ likes for this suggestion. Does anyone know if it is submitted to the council as proposal?

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