End of Year Report - Questions

With the Elastos Foundation End Of Year Report for 2018, it is our foremost intention to provide a comprehensive body of information for our community and to do so with the utmost transparency. We believe in this approach and we look forward to an exciting and impactful 2019.

Please post all your questions to the Elastos foundation about the EOY report here. For discussion of the EOY report please use the End of Year Report - Discussion topic.

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What is the nature of collaboration or partnership between Elastos and Top Network?


Please confirm the status of partnership between Elastos and FRESCO. It seems that FRESCO project is still active. Would like to know detail how the partnership become inactive.

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Why NEO sidechain will start with PoW and moving to DPoS later? Why not start with DPoS straight away?

I can answer your question right now. There is no reason that NEO sidechain started as a PoW. But, here’s the thing. If you want a DPoS type smart contract sidechain, just use Ethereum sidechain. If you want a PoW type smart contract that is merged mined with bitcoin, then use NEO sidechain. Obviously, as with anything, this can be easily changed to DPoS later if need be which is what’s described on the EOY report.


We were told many times over the weeks leading up to the eoy report that it was going to include the reorganisation/restructuring of Elastos. Why was this piece missing and/or will it still be publicised?


First-class work…
But the pdf file is not searchable. Is it intentional?
This makes reading very passive. And on slower machines the pages do not scroll as fast as they could.
Can you replace it with a searchable version?