Empower35 and Secretariats?

(Kenneth Kao) #1

In the latest update, and email to people who applied to the Empower 35, it mentions Secretariats. However, I didn’t really see a direct link between the Empower35 and Secretariats. Are they the same thing? Or are they different. As defined in the update, the role seems to be a little different than I originally remember–though the description was quite vague to begin with:

" Empower35

The Secretariat needs a variety of talented people, including but not limited to advisors in technical, business, investment area, but also a team to execute proposals and daily opertation of CRC. For capable individuals looking for a more permanent position in Cyber Republic, position at the Secretariat Team should be targeted. The job of advisors on the Secretariat Team is to help council members conduct necessary due diligence and prepare thorough proposals for voting.

We believe that all proposals must have objective goals and funding attached to milestones and final deliverables. The Secretariat Team will be accountable for defining such metrics as well as following up on the execution of a proposal from start to completion."

(Clarence Liu) #2

They are the same in that their role is to help the council spend the ELA properly and in an accountable manner.

There will not be any Empower 35 positions, only a Secretariat Team, we are just saying that past applicants to E35 should now aim for a position within the Secretariat Team if they are looking for a more permanent position.

The exact positions and hiring process hasn’t been defined, but you can assume that we hope to have this team functional before the new council is elected in August 2019.

(Kenneth Kao) #3

This clarifies things. Thanks very much. We’ll be mentioning it in the CR weekly update :).