Elastos website improvements; Community requests

(Jochem H.) #1

Hi all,
Let’s post our request for improvement of the Elastos website here to help the team on any blind spots. Let me start.

  • team page, including admins, advisors an non-paid community members who contribute
  • partnership page, including explanation on how ELA will benefit
  • Dapps under construction page
  • email notification: if you leave your email for trinity beta test or newsletter, get a confirmation.
  • take out 90s style banner
  • add link to content pages including community contributions; if community is so important, value the people who contribute so others follow
  • embed peerjet, shows progress

Feel free to add more

(Pascal A) #2

Also I would like to add that it’s an Alpha stage website, and although I have directed criticism myself, it is clear that the team is heading in the right direction, and community criticism can only help!

I am actually going to wait for their new release before giving any more input, other than:

More information on the developer page and pages of the like. Even basic information as languages supported and plans on integrating more. Things of that nature can do a lot of help.

Basically having a proper portal for each type of user that fully defines each aspect of the Elastos network. This should be almost a wiki type of database, filled to the brim with information, so one does not have to go anywhere but this portal to find literally every single piece of Elastos information. From videos, to article links, to entries of every little thing Elastos related.

This would have to be meticulously planned and organized though, so it is user friendly, but more specifically easy to find what you’re looking for, and even easier to stumble upon related content that may interest you based on what you are looking at.

(Jean-Michel Saulnier) #3

Developer portal is in development https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.ORG.Developer

(Pascal A) #4

Awesome! Looks really neat, great job whoever came up with the mock up.

Thanks for sharing @jmsaulnier

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(Criptocabro) #5

Some of the “resources” should be on top of the website, at least The wallet link, social media (as telegram group). This information is on the bottom and you have to scroll down like 5 pages to see them

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(Jochem H.) #6

Thanks my friend, great suggestions! Knowing that the team listens to us I am sure this will be taken into consideration :sunglasses:.

(Jochem H.) #7

Thanks for sharing. I had not seen this. Seems like it is going towards the right direction then.

(Jochem H.) #8

I think they should optimize the website by testing which features should be where. Aim id to keep people on site longer and get them to download Trinity. This takes time though, but having the link to the wallet at the top, links to the Google and Android stores somewhere clear&obvious are definitely elements that should be optimized.