Elastos killer Dapps (1m+ active users / devices in first year)

What Dapps do you think have the most realistic chance of bringing in 1 million + active users in the first year from launch? And why?

A couple of initial thoughts:

  1. Carrier-based projects such as Ioex - The reason I think these could take off quickly is that they offer device manufacturers immediate cost savings with little risk.

  2. Marketplace for exclusive limited edition digital content. I think with a well designed Dapp and sales strategy Elastos’s unique proposition here could easily attract A-list content producers such as singers and bands (or their labels), filmmakers / studios, game developers digital artists, actors and other celebrities. And this needn’t be limited to the arts. Sports teams, vloggers, brands, political parties and even religious and spiritual groups also have dedicated fans and supporters who might love to own exclusive content. The reasons I think this could take off quickly are a) I believe that inherent demand would be there b) Elastos offers something that no other blockchain project can and c) if already popular content producers can be attracted to the platform they will bring their existing fan-bases with them (along with free publicity) significantly reducing the usual challenge of attracting both buyers and sellers to a new platform.

  3. Any other ideas …?


I agree with IOEX but I also think Viewchain will bring 1 million users. Since it is already an existing app (Zapya) that will be migrating its users over.

True! Migrating existing users should be a faster path than signing up new ones. I think it makes sense to target these opportunities.

A decentralized YouTube and Facebook where content creator are rewarded for their content.

I also believe viewchain will be a very positive addition to elastos


If Zapya migrate their users that will instantly make elastos the most used blockchain project and feta standard for potential use case and adoption

Like it, but there are already two decentralized YouTube’s. D-tube and another one which I cannot find the name atm.
So what would make content creators move away from YouTube and towards Elatube?
SocialX is working on a great social media replacement for web3.0, Would love to see something like that on Elastos.

For the serious content creators, the problem is not creators to move to Viewchain, but their public!

Viewers will move with difficulty, that’s why “Viewchain-ers” need to promote their new channel, and thus need to understand precisly the benefit for themselves.

As the creator side, we need to show, that Viewchain is like the beginning of youtube, if you begin to create content as one of the first, you can live of your work (because there is no competition yet), the “freshness” of this new environnement is helpful.

We can copy facebook or twitter and make dapps out of it, but the idea is to create new creators and new contents. Then incentive creation of content is top priority. The creation itself re-become the center of attention of everyone.

edit : for answering OP, third will be like an Ebay dapp like but you pay with ELA, like that we can incorporate real object too.
Some of them can be scarce but we need to put on them some ELA symbol like on fiat paper ( impossible to copy), but it’s quite far

As is becoming the norm, censorship is making some high profile content creators upload on multiple platforms already.

I assume an “Elatube” could also have multiple new features like direct sales of videos/music which would attract content creators to migrate.

Working in our favor again