Elastos for Enterprise: Trusted Computing Enhancement

By Lex Pablo

We, at IT Cloud Solutions Australia, are at a stage post-realisation of the need for our ‘old’ database to be resurrected for main enterprise reportable data storage, and for running the business process layer, despite using an elastos sidechain (due to storage limitations on-chains). It appears that the Component Assembly Runtime, and CAR programming by us in C++, will provide our customers’ their way of connecting devices (phones, tablets, desktops) to a single enterprise database. My question is: will we be able to connect to a Middleware router on a node.js server in the Cloud (which interfaces to the Database itself, likewise in the Cloud) via Carrier from any registered device, and would the node.js server (router) require a copy of the Carrier system onboard? (thus requiring an Ubuntu OS). If so would you consider developing a version of Carrier for Alpine Linux for much reduced Disk Image Size in the node.js (router) Container?

Our plan as above assumes trusted Cloud Hardware for the Database and Backup System and for the Middleware Server. Is the Trusted Computing Enhancement relevant to Database and Middleware Security, directly on the hardware or in some other way (eg via Carrier)? (I understand the relevance of the Hardware Enhancement to Mining and ‘locking down’ blocks.)