'Elastos Explained' - Educational video series

Hey guys,

First off all I must say that I really like the CR forums. A great UI and very user friendly. Chapeau! This will be my first post and certainly not my last.
Now for this post I’d like to adress the Elastos merge mining educational videos that were uploaded about 1/2 months ago (for these videos, check out the Cyber Republic youtube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!).
I believe educational videos like these are utmost important for anyone looking to join and contribute to the Elastos Ecosystem and Cyber Republic.

It would be great to have more visiualized, educational videos. For example:

  1. Sidechains and scaling explained;
  2. DPoS and supernodes explained;
  3. Elastos carrier, runtime and SDK explained;
  4. (Leave your suggestion in the comments).

Perhaps more ‘Elastos Explained’ videos are already in the making. If not, I’m sure we could create this into a CR task.
Let’s hear your thoughts!



Hey Pookie!

Amos, Micheal and myself are working on the next educational “Elastos in a Nutshell” article/video. Its been a pretty complicated one so taking some time. Hopefully we can get done soon!

Thanks for your support!



Hello Charles,

That is exactly the reply that I was hoping for!
Take your sweet time about it, gents.