Elastos can enable a new type of economy around printing of items

(Michael O.) #1

I had posted this idea on Reddit a long time ago, but it was deleted. Finally there is another place where I can post it.

By using Elastos, it can be possible for creators of models intended for printing of any kind of item to get paid each time their model is printed. Just like creators of stock photography are now competing for customers who would use their photos, creators of 3d and 2d models may compete to make the best models that people will want to print.

I made an interactive prototype of an app that uses this idea: https://3mnvsu.axshare.com/

Elastos has “digital assets” which are files like videos, or music, or apps. If a digital asset is a media file, then a media player is included so that the digital asset can be played on its own. Each digital asset records statistics about it being played, which can’t be rigged. With any other system, these stats can be rigged and nobody can really trust those. An example is that cinemas playing down the number of times they showed a movie, so that they can pay less to copyright owners. And also it can be very lucrative for video streaming services to do this. They can tell creators that their videos were shown less to pay them a lesser share from ads.

This feature could be used for 3d printing and perhaps for other ways of manufacturing where a machine tool controlled by a computer manufactures something. Someone creates a digital asset with a file for a model, which also includes the “media player” which reads the file and makes the tool print out the model. Each time the model is printed, the owner of the digital asset gets paid.

Another important feature of digital assets in Elastos is that the user cannot copy the code that makes up the digital asset. This feature is in place to prevent piracy. So, the owner of the printing tool will not be able to copy the model and print it for free. But it may be possible to copy the sequences that the tool makes when it creates the item. This means there will be piracy and this system won’t work too well. One remedy to this is that there could be tamper-proof tools from which there’s no way to get the sequences from. And then creators of models will put a condition into their digital asset which will allow it to be played only on such devices.

This could be an important part of the economy of the future. Anyone can print out what he needs quickly. There could be centers where properly maintained tamper-proof machine tools print out things for users on demand. A person can make an order and get the items delivered in 15 minutes. Ofcourse that is possible without Elastos, but Elastos can ensure that creators of models are paid fairly, thus incentivizing them to produce quality models and otherwise compete for consumers.


(Guillaume Courtois) #2

Great idea, the 3d printing “service” is a good thing to develop, did you make the suggestion on CR website?

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(Michael O.) #3

Do you mean here?

Should dApp ideas be submitted there?


(Jean-Michel Saulnier) #4

You should submit your idea to DMA https://medium.com/@elastosdma/early-access-program-7699b03c0a67
It could be interesting to work with @strauss to connect the printer through Hyper Connect


(Michael O.) #5

As discussed on the DMA Community chat, this idea needs Digital Capsules, and that part is several months away from release.