ELAland Island auction is about to start

From the phenomenal DApp Cryptokitties (crypto cat) that broke out in November 2017, blockchain games have started to attract attention in the industry. Since the beginning of 2018, many blockchain games have started to appear, and it is not uncommon to raise dogs, cats, and horses in the games. Crypto nations, celebrities, and other drum-driving games have also become popular.

However, these so-called blockchain games cannot be called “GAMES”, Why?

First of all, most of them have the problem of single gameplay mechanism and short lifecycle.

Secondly, players are just chasing the freshness of “asset confirmation, transaction circulation”. There is almost no playability, and more players are actually meeting an investment demand.

ELAland is a virtual world created by the NeoWorld team for users of the Elastos community. It is also a virtual world created by users and players. This game will provide all players with a brandnew world, breaking the old game mode, and truly making players feel. The charm of the blockchain sandbox is to unveil the ELAland island scene. ELAland will also become a 3D space created jointly by users worldwide, and ELA will be the designated currency for ELAland.

In the ELAland virtual world, players are free to create three-dimensional characters, buy land, build houses and even build cities. At the same time, players can communicate with each other in the virtual world community and realize deeper interactive experiences, such as: operating business activities, hiring employees, cooperating, constructing, and entertaining. Users can operate construction territories through high-level exploration and resource collection, and even create and experience third-party content or applications on the territories, thereby creating value and gaining wealth.

In December, the ELAland community event will be officially launched! At the same time, multiple events will be held before the auction to spread the welfare, helping players to take more favorable land ~

The exclusive community of ELAland will provide community users with a platform to communicate with each other and promote the construction and development of ELAland ecology.

Here, you will receive first-hand information of ELAland and explore the mysteries of ELAland with other players. Community members will also return chance to get exclusive custom items for NeoWorld.

ELAland telegram community:t.me/elalandela

If you like playing games, if you want to participate in the construction of ELAland, if you want to contribute to the ELAland community, if you want to have more ELA and game item rewards.

please join the exclusive ELAland community, in addition to the daily raffle. There will be more award-winning events waiting for you to participate.