DPoS "Alliance"

Based on the last weekly update: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/02/25/weekly-report-february-25-2019/

There’s a segment on a DPoS Alliance in which a community organization is trying to secure votes for 36 Nodes. This is a concern because if there’s a powerful centralized group running so many nodes, it could impact all of us. The suggestion is that it’s being done to prevent Whales from becoming too powerful by voting for their own nodes, which is also a legitimate concern. But I think we as a community need to talk about this topic and the possible manipulation behind it, as well as all the pros and cons of the model being proposed. What are your thoughts? I’m concerned as I’ve seen DPoS projects like Lisk have their community destroyed by a cartel that has too much power.


Good to discuss. It will be better if they try to set up less nodes let’s say 12 nodes. It’s healthier to have more small-medium groups than only one big group being nodes.

BTW, voters are able to vote up to 50 nodes so they should be able to vote for other nodes than alliance’s nodes(?)

There is that voting for 50 nodes possible…

More I am afraid of an organized voting on CR proposals at the last possible minute.
It would not require a large amount of tokens and could be very harmful.

The goals of the 36-node DPoS alliance has been further discussed in the international community section of the weekly update:

While it is initiated by the members from the Chinese community, it is an international call for participation.