Devault (Internal early access)

Devault is a blockchain based steal proof multi vault system, powered by Elastos. Devault aims to be an essential tool to the current world to protect most valued digital assets, data and information from digital theft by securing data in multiple vaults with multilayered security making impossible to crack the system. Devault system is governed by Proof of Authentication model. All that owner has to do is to remember One Passphrase which is generated during account setup.

Accomplished in January
• Incorporated a company in Canada (InChain Corp.)
• Apple developer account
• Internal closed release on PlayStore
• Device testing and bug fixing
February Tasks
• Major UI Redesign (Done)
• Redesign implementation (Done)
• Additional features (Done)
• Local storage encryption method improvement (Done)
• PlayStore alpha release (Pending approval)
• iOS build app submission (In Progress)
• Website redesign
March Goals
• Publish release on PlayStore by March first week
• Hopefully iOS alpha release
• Update website
• Marketing plan

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