dApp idea thread

Thought it would be good to get some discussion going in this area of the forum. Everyone might not think their idea warrants a thread by itself, so feel free to post any concepts (however rough they may be) you have here.

One idea I thought might be quite cool:

Live auction for digital, scarce, collectible art assets

Users view listings and bid on items (using a reserve could be optional) using ELA. Your coins are held in a smart contract and If you’re outbid, they’re automatically returned to your wallet in the app.

After the winning bid is achieved, the smart contract automatically pays the content creator and transfers the DID to the winner of the auction.

For promotion, you could even get some of those ‘crypto art puzzle’ artists involved, get them to hide some ELA in a piece of their artwork and list the piece on launch day.

Would love to hear anyone else’s ideas, I’m sure there are lots :grinning:


I like your Live auction idea!
It make me think about a very similar application, something like KickStarter, but in a crypto sense!

A place where little projects can be funded in cryptocurrencies (not only elastos), creators can deliver a finite number of products (physical or not physical) which have a specific DID on the Elastos blockchain for the ownership (in order to open a second hand market).

With this type of dAPP ( CryptoStarter? :laughing: ) I think artist/creator can benefit a lot from the chances to reach people in every part of the world that like / would like to sponsor/ buy the product.


I’d love to have dApp for mobile photo backup let’s say decentralized GooglePhoto. The dApp can backup your photo to IPFS automatically without user need to know blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Also user can share their files to whitelisted friends. This should work across the dApp e.g. AnyPeer / HyperIM.


I believe @gandhi was already talking about something similar. You’d have a camera app completely sandboxed, then the photos would automatically get uploaded to the Dittobox server. (I think this was the basic concept, maybe someone can clarify) Love the concept though.

Camera in sandbox would be an ideal case. However, imho, it would be harder to get adopted. People normally user default camera app or camera with fancy features, so the sandbox cam would need to compete with those app.

My idea is to replace only the backup part (GooglePhoto / iCloud Photo) as a first step. So, user that have security / privacy concern to the public cloud can turn it of and choose personal cloud / IPFS instead.


Secure Leaks Platform to help journalist for investigation :male_detective:


Another idea !
I am making a tool for helping people making tasks on CR (“tasker”), it’s very raw but It can give ideas for someone willing to make a dapp-tool.

I take my own task ( and my ephemeral team) as an exemple, for info, we are not finished, and the prices are arbitrary.

You can comment the google doc.

Take what you want and make a better tool, I dare you! In fact I would like to make a different one for big/complex task.

Some milestones for project to show could be great (1month,6month,1 year)

With a dapp, you can have a rapid overview of the progress of any CR-project, little or big.

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Dear Elastos Community!

I recently saw the dicebet site tronbet and i think Elastos could easily build their own bettingsite and call it maybe elabet
There are currently more than 20M usd bets placed on tronbet

Id love to see a usecase for my ela, even if its just a dicegame.

I see a great future for Elastos and forwarded this idea already to rong cheng, who btw liked the idea.


What could take the auction part to the next level would be to have a VR experience- actually seems like you’re in a real gallery and you’re viewing all the digital art and collectibles.


Suggestions is live on the CR Website now! Please add these there :smiley:

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Popular programs for PCs, like foobar2000, have limited use of the phone as a remote control.
For example, there are suitable Android apps that allow you to use the remote control function if the connection is possible via wi-fi.
But over the internet it is difficult if someone has dynamic ip.
If it was possible to write a remote for foobar and post it on the forum of this program, we would have a decent advertisement thanks to the potentially large number of users.

Seems possible since the TV boxes have remote control function via Carrier.

I am discussing with others a decentralized professional translation platform to replace the existing centralized translation company website.
It is hoped that this scheme can motivate better professional translators more appropriately.


Personally I find the idea of decentralizing the air good. Personally I live in Sweden with lots of trees and I should be able to commercialize them to countries that has less trees and steal air from us.

a multiplayer game where multiple people can play against each other peer to peer with the option of betting their crypto.


I agree! I think betting/gambling is a great use case for a decentralized app. Us Americans love to gamble :us: