CR100 Developments

(Simon Rodman) #1

CR100 I would like to hear what will or has happened? with regards. Take up of the funding for projects backed by the CR100 this could highlight opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to fill a void if any remain.


I think some clarity will come with the EOY report from Elastos. Hopefully the project can gain the developers needed to build thru the CR. I am anxiously awaiting the Beta release.

(Kenneth Kao) #3

I’m also very curious. I went the the CR100 page for the first time in a while, and all the new categories and what seems to be proposals are new to me. There have been quite a few likes and applicants, but I wasn’t sure exactly what they meant or how to apply. Anyway, it was all new and surprising to me, and I thought I was on top of most things. Does anyone have more info? I usually can’t make the live streams, so maybe that’s why I’m not familiar.

(Jeremy Gordon) #4

Check out the CR Announcement article on December 26th.

Has some details about the CR100:

CR100 Applications will be Submitted as Proposals

“We will ensure promising applications are given fair consideration and if qualified, be prioritized and submitted to the council as a proposal for voting. Please wait for future guidance on the future of CR100 as the system will need to be implemented first.”

To me it sounds like the CR100 applications will be voted on my the CR Council and create specific budgets for the projects thereafter

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