CR Council Feedback
After speaking with community members who have gone through the suggestion/proposal process and other active community members, it has become evident many are not happy with how the CR Council is working.
We need the CR Council to be more visible to the community; as of now, there is virtually no interaction with them.

We need a proper communication protocol with the Council. If community members don’t have their email addresses, there’s no way to reach out to them or convey a message to them. The Council can cooperate with the Community Manager for this.

The community needs a better understanding what kind of suggestions the Council is willing to fund and why certain decisions are being made.

The Council should give regular updates to the community through its own section in the CR Weekly Report and explain its decisions in detail.

The general perception in the community is that the Council is not willing to spend money and that a lot more could be achieved if they were. Good opportunities are being missed because of funding restrictions.

The process from suggestion to proposal to funding approval is too slow and is often delayed due to unclear communication.

Council members have failed to vote on proposals on several occasions. This is unacceptable.

The Elastos Foundation’s Western team supports these views and wants to express that we need the CR Council to be more active and dedicate more funds to growing the Elastos ecosystem. We are in a crucial phase of project development, and we cannot afford to fall further behind other projects that are rapidly and aggressively expanding their communities and ecosystems.
Potential Solutions:
Replace 1 or more current interim CR Council members

Add 2 more interim CR Council members

Better distribution of interim CR Council members

Consider community members who have proven their loyalty to the project as interim CR Council members

Consider hiring a headhunter to find suitable candidates











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This is under quite a bit discussion in many communities, so I appreciate that this is being brought up. I will be sharing my own thoughts soon, but generally I agree that some clear solutions and steps do need to occur.

From my perspective, I have experienced both the gains and the pains of working with the CR, but I see it as a learning process. Replacing council members at this moment is not a fair solution. I respect that the council takes a conservative approach, After all there is a lot of pressure on their shoulders and I am not even sure if it is a paid job.

The biggest challenge they face has to do with trust. How do you trust the people who place a suggestion? How do you do your due diligence? After all, you invest community money in people, not just in ideas.

With the Regions (Clarence), Orchard (Europe) and the Dev. Ex. Team (global) it will be increasingly easier to assess suggestions. In fact, any suggestion by these parties should be seen as credible since they are the result of work with these trusted parties.

I would therefore vow for a process where local suggestions go through one of these trusted parties first. That solves the communication problem and serves as a filter. That way it will also be easier to assess the progress.

I am in favor of adding CR council members, and obviously I support spending money on promising projects as long as the focus is on building Dapps, the ecosystem and growing awareness!



这个问题值得讨论,目前似乎未取得一致。我个人认为,CR是一个社区型架构,当一个人或组织为CR提供服务时主要是平等合作关系,主要基于社区成员工作成果,CR给予特定的激励;而基金会即EF则是一个团队型架构,当一个人为基金会工作时可能更多的是雇佣关系,是基于其发展目标设定相应岗位,主要根据岗位来给予报酬(当然外部机构与基金会的平等合作是另当别论,已经类似CR 了)。