CR Regions Directory and Global Fund

(Clarence Liu) #1

There is a new site in development now that lists the CR Regions and will soon be filled with information on their status, events and accomplishments.

We also have a new Supernode with the net profits (our stake is sponsored by Manhattan so we pay them interest and keep the rest) allocated completely to help fund our CR Regions.

This is live and named “CR Regions Global Fund - Clarence Liu” and hosted by Clarence the VP of Development who is also spearheading the CR Regions initiative. Hope to see you guys at a future CR Regions event, our upcoming events are already in the works:

August 15-16 - Malaysia @ Bloconomic -
August 17 - Hong Kong @ BitWork -
September 7 - Vietnam @ HCMC (TBD)
September 11-12 - Singapore @ Invest/Consensus:Asia

(- -) #2

Looks like you have been busy, you’ve got my vote my friend!