CR Article Suggestions

(Kenneth Kao) #1

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? Let us know here! We are a voice for the community, and your requests help up understand what information needs to be researched and shared. Written articles for submission can be emailed to [email protected]. We compensate our contributors at a standard rate. Feel free to write us or post here with any questions.

(William Zhang) #2

This article can exist for a long time and let all of us discuss it.

and in my ipion, if anyone has a topic, he can post it directly in the forum

(Martha Munger) #3

I would like a detailed write up on the relation between Elastos and IOEX, I would like the a avaibility to purchase a TV box, speaker, whatever it may be to be anode in the net. I live in USA so don’t know how we can be involved but want to be. Let me know, and cover how Elastis plans to get the work out, marketing…thx

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(Amos Thomas) #4

Thanks for the suggestion!

(Guillaume Courtois) #5

Some ideas I got right now :

  1. What is an Alliance in DPoS Nodes ? What are the function of it? Interview of founders of Alliance?
  2. A basic tutorial for setting up a DPoS node ( and the team, etc…)?
  3. Guide of advices for being N°1 in Suggestions on CR ?
  4. The History of currency/money?
  5. How “stimulate” more people for them participating more into CR and CR Forums?
  6. The position of the Secretariat ? or are they an Expert Team?
  7. Game :the most effective Elevator-speech of Elastos and Cyber Republic ?
  8. Explaining Elastos & CR to grandma?
  9. Is a system without leadership could work effectively?
  10. Learning to code, worth it for the non-coders?
(Kenneth Kao) #6

Thanks for these great suggestions. All of them are really good ideas and I’ve documented them and will pursue that they get covered in the coming weeks/months.