Carrier Node testing on KODI

(Charles Bunn) #1


I installed Jimmy Lipham’s peerjet node on a Raspberry Pi3 board running KODI. I am receiving packets but not sending any back out. I looked at a WireShark capture of my Raspberry Pi3 node and there does not seem to be any traffic emanating from the node. I am either miss setting the capture on WireShark (I am using a filter with host, the KODI node is not functioning right or I am miss understanding how Carrier works. Can anyone enlighten me on what to look for?


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(Charles Coombs-Esmail) #2

I am not a Carrier developer, but I am pretty sure it should be sending packets out to populate and update the routing table. As to why it’s not showing that I don’t know. Weird that it receives but doesn’t send out any.

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