Bi-Weekly Livestream with Rong Chen

I think it’d be greatly beneficial for Elastos to make Rong Chen a more public figure. If you look at Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has regular live streams on YouTube to update and interact with the Cardano community. This really adds a lot of trust and shows the community that the lead of the project cares about keeping the community updated, whether it’s good news or bad news.

There are many older interviews of Rong on YouTube, but having a regular, recurring live stream will really have a positive impact on morale. The weekly updates are weekly so I feel a good spacing for the live stream would be bi-weekly (even monthly would be great).

In terms of what channel to broadcast the stream, I think there are several YouTubers that cover Elastos frequently that would do a great job (Jimmy, Blue Collar Crypto, Chico Crypto, Crypto Winning etc.) I think that taking turns would have the best effect since everyone’s audience is slightly different and it’ll create more exposure (or if its possible maybe live stream to multiple channels? Idk if that’s possible).

The content would be talking about progress/news as well as answering community questions. If this gets implemented, perhaps there can be a “question box” where people can submit questions and Rong and the interviewer would answer these questions.

This would require a time commitment of 1 hour or so from Rong every 2 weeks, which I don’t think will interfere with actual development of the tech (since the interviewer or an admin will sort through the “question box” and organize the questions), but it will have a really positive effect.

This could even be part of the marketing campaign. What I mean is, when marketing starts, say YouTube ads, at the end, it can advertise the live stream and invite viewers to check it out for more info.

I’m just thinking out loud here. But if you also think that this would have a positive effect, please give this topic a like and help get this to Rong’s attention.



Rong seems to be stepping away a little per the last few AMA’s / Interviews I have seen. Would it be better to do this with a KP Woods or Clarence / or even Jimmy? Maybe rotate them in and out Rong 1st then KP Next then Clarence ETC. That way we get multiple perspectives which is more akin to the decentralized nature of the project. Great idea though. I think this is definitely worth doing.


@cnotecrypto think that’s a great idea! Either rotating them or maybe even doing a joint broadcast (sort of a webinar style where everyone is in a “little box” except for the person currently speaking).


I like the this idea. I don’t think it has to be a live stream necessarily though. A monthly or bi-weekly AMA where all the most popular community questions are aggregated and then answered would suffice imo. I would rather the foundation give thought out responses than be put on the spot during a live stream. Also this way the questions can be answered by those who know the most in that area.


@ccoombsesmail - Yes, that would definitely work as well. I like the livestream idea personally (as it adds contrast to the written weekly updates and it’s nice to actually see Rong or other community leaders live), but if the community thinks an AMA is a better idea, I’d support that also.

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This is a great answer. I think this may be the way forward.

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I think i like the livestream idea better, its good to interact with the leaders of the movement, and yeah, 1hour would suffice


I will pass this on for consideration


I think it would seem logical that I mixture of both livestream and ama would give everyone a little of what they want. Constant communication is key to maintaining an active community. :speak_no_evil:


perhaps the format could rotate as well like follows:
1st bi-weekly session: Livestream AMA with Rong
2nd bi-weekly session: Community Q&A with KP Woods
3rd Biweekly session: Livestream AMA with Clarence
4th bi-weekly session: Community Q & A with Jimmy

Just an Idea. The community Q & A questions can be proposed on this forum and the most liked questions get answered? Just brainstorming here.


I like this idea. The most important thing is having an outlet to have the community’s questions addressed from the top on a regular basis. If we have this, there will be so much less FUD and a much stronger sense of community.

I also like your idea of having the questions posted in a thread here and the most upvoted ones being the ones that are answered in the AMA or livestream (or perhaps there can be a new section in the forum just for this).


It’s a fabulous idea and this idea will create a very interactive and active community all the time
and also curates interest among the cyber republicans to get motivated towards their concerned projects with the elastos.


I think we’ll make a forum section for Q&A which our moderators will gather questions from, and then we’ll try to have core members answer. Plus a rotating FAQ section would be good for the common questions of the week.

Please be understanding that we have a global PR team for Elastos, this may restrict our ability to answer certain questions.

CR is transparent and community driven, but Elastos is a proper company with protocols to follow, it is important to keep this distinction in mind.


This is a step in the right direction. Ultimately, I still prefer the livestream or AMA route better, but this is still positive, so thank you for listening and making a change!


Are the new changes (Ghandi being the community manager and collecting questions/concerns etc.) in response to this?

Just read the first Q and A with Rong and I think your idea of moving forward may be better than my original idea. I changed my mind and think having time to formulate a response is a better approach.

Exciting times ahead for Elastos!

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Community manager position has been in the works since late 2018. Just took few weeks to announce :slight_smile:

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And there I thought I made a difference :disappointed:

Lol jk. Doesn’t matter to me, just happy to see elastos moving in a promising direction.

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Don’t worry it was in response to you and a lot of community concerns, and just the general short comings of communication in 2018. The foundation listens, it just takes some time to get things in place.


Not a bad idea at all, Elastos needs more publicity.