Beware Money Grabs in the Suggestions!

I’m seeing more and more “money grab” suggestions pop up. BEFORE you vote on anything, please read with a critical eye. Not only how much money is being spent, but who is actually benefiting? Why does it need funding? Why should we pay for something that is only to another product’s advantage or for another person’s personal profit? Do the numbers make sense? I’m afraid people are liking ideas instead of liking good use of funds. Ask questions, and don’t become a passive cheering squad. This is OUR ELA, and it should be spent wisely. If you throw it about, and you care about price, you should realize that the money-grab projects will CRASH the price as soon as they get their tokens if it’s not a genuine suggestion.

This brings additional attention to the fact that we need to start creating DIDs with perhaps even KYC (ie, Ontology’s method of KYC verification but done with all personally identifiable data encrypted end-to-end). I know it’s in the works, but until then, read critically.


Absolutely agree, the Secretariat team will also be hiring experts to ensure the proposals are reasonable in regards to the cost.


Great suggestion @kenninja, we need to remain aware and ask the right questions.