关于亦来云生态基金的设想Assumption of Elastos Eco-fund Scheme








With Elastos’s continuous progress of basic development, the landing of ecological projects has become more and more mature. As an open source community, we should make Elastos more and more friendly to developers, users, partners and community participation.

Undoubtedly, as an open source project,Elastos has unique ideas and technical designs in creating a new generation of Internet. But if it can attract more people, especially some professional investment institutions with rich industrial resources, to participate in ecological construction, it will be very beneficial to the construction and enrichment of Elastos’s ecosystem. Here we propose some ideas:

First, CyberRepublic participates in professional investment funds as a limited partner (or other forms) in the capacity of financial investor. Its purpose is to maintain and increase value, and to develop ecological projects.

Secondly, the requirements for the fund are that the financial investment should have reasonable returns, and that the DAPP project resources owned by the fund itself should be put into the ecological environment of Elastos.

Thirdly,there are two aspects to restrict the fund: one is to stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties in accordance with the agreements; the other is to entrust the investment funds, pay the investment funds in installments and have the right to terminate the contract;

Fourthly,the unit of valuation for the settlement of income is reasonable, depending on the situation of token or legal currency.

Fifthly, we need a clear criterion on Ecological projec, such as contributing code, utilizing the bottom of the cloud public chain, utilizing carrier network, utilizing other infrastructure such as elephant wallet, and other forms (e.g., the fund has media resources, and making corresponding media promotion for the Elastos, etc.).

Those are some ideas,and you are welcome to express your opinions and suggestions!



In addition to the criteria mentioned above, how to define a project as Elastos ecological project? What do you think about it?


The project should be able to utilize 1/2 aspects out of Elastos 4 pillars, as well as reserve certain percentage of tokens for giving back to the community/ELA holders.

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任何为亦来云生态促进的想法,都要勇敢去探索 尝试 ,支持!!!



这个设想已经提交"建议"讨论This idea has been submitted to " discussion"



Elastos is a public chain project. For the public chain, being friendly to developers, partners and community contributors is the key to the success of the project.

Therefore, the introduction of ecological fund is a good mechanism that is friendly to partners and can quickly integrate resources.

Yesterday, I shared this idea with a friend of an investment institution. She appreciated it and thought it was a good way to play.

I hope community friends who are familiar with professional investment funds could seek oppotunity to exchange views with them on this issue. I am also willing to have in-depth exchanges with them on this issue.

Previously, there was an opportunity to participate in the government-led fund, but after careful discussion and consideration, it is not appropriate to participate at this time.