An Insight view from Aryan Hung about Elastos and IOEX development

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Aryan Hung, Ceo and founder of the ioeX project, gave his insight view about Elastos and ioeX development to the Elastos Community.

Elastos contains 2 major parts, one is the coming new web built with RT, Carrier and DID. The other is blockchain-related things including ELA mainchain and sidechain.

Now, the strong connection between Elastos web and ELA blockchain is the DID.
Let’s think about it this way…
Will Elastos intend to construct a new modern web ASAP or is Elastos happy to focus on the ELA chain and coins first?
I believe that creating a new modern web is the most important thing.
How to create the web soon? Is there any incentive brought by Elastos mechanism now to general users? In my opinion, not yet! But, I see that Elastos is trying hard to provide incentives to eco-partners to make them also trust the idea that the new web will bring better privacy and security. So, if the eco-partner is willing to collaborate to build the new web together, how can it provide incentives to users and even consumers? One of the proper ways is to reward them the cryptocurrency CONTINUOUSLY if people set up peer node devices and also contribute storage and bandwidth/internet traffic CONTINUOUSLY. The eco-partner also needs to control the balance between cost and benefit (users’ willingness to keep being a nodes in the p2p network) from real world business operation aspect.

How to properly control the cost? There are many way and ioeX is trying one of them. Yes, ioeX cloned ELA and modified it to have IOEX to rewards people who operate peer nodes and bootstrap nodes. But we also told the Elastos team that we will use ELA’s ETH smart contract-compatible sidechain if it’s ready to run. I treat this as a way to prove nodes from ioeX’s efforts to form the carrier network together and not only saying it verbally. If ioeX needs to run the carrier network as a business, the R&D progress needs to be controlled and we need to ensure we can have the smart contract and blockchain in time to operate. We began to clone and build by ourselves since 2018-Oct.

Let’s take a look at the carrier network, how to get more and more partners to construct on the new web together is the major focus of Elastos. Lets take a look into the new web and deduct things gradually to see what will happen…
To deduct ELA coin, will new web engineering stop?.. probably not (except for salary consideration)
To deduct ELA side chain for eco-partners, will new web engineering stop?.. probably not.
To deduct RT, will new web engineering stop? … Maybe some problems will take place…
To deduct DID, will new web engineering stop?.. maybe not, but the security will be a big problem…
To deduct carrier, will new web engineering stop? … surely yes… the ENGINEERING will stop…
To deduct devices with carrier… alright, no new web anymore…

Every part is important, and Elastos should make things grow in parallel. However, how to get many devices with carrier will notbe something that can be entirely controlled by Elastos, because it’s not a pure techical issue, it is a tech and business issue. I also believe that if the bull market returns, the best and quickest way to Elastos to rise high is to have the big and wide carrier network formed with many devices instead of only having many partners use the ELA sidechain/token chain or that Elastos has a very strong and fancy blockchain mechanism.
IoeX tries to extend Elastos carrier to have more features which can attract many users to have a closer look to see and even to buy the products with carrier SDK. Not only purchasing carrier products, people can adopt the free carrier APP on their already owned devices…we are intending to enlarge the network in many ways. Rong and Elastos don’t need to convince me anymore because I already recognized carrier for many years and most of ioeX team members supported this for a long time as well. I believe if we can really build the network according to the concept Elastos held for a long time and then we can create a new world…

There were 3 teams of Kortide company previously, at Shanghai, Chengdu and Taipei. Kortide was the company to born Elastos since 2001. Something occurred suddenly causing the need to bring the Taipei team away from Foxconn and to operate by ourselves independently in end of 2015. 23 guys from the 26 members of the Taipei Kortide team left with me by giving up the annual bonus just because we wanted to pursue the ideal vision of a new network. This could however not be realized inside Foxconn because Foxconn is a very big company who needs to take care of so many parts about big customers and manufacturing to cause the legal process and financial process complex when making deals with small customers who were willing to adopt Elastos functions, the so-called home cloud services.

The business we start as a new independent company at that time was focussed on a carrier-like function. Unfortunately, the new company was almost destroyed by the investor’s intention of hostile takeover. 20 members stayed until now and 3 guys resigned spontaneously to reduce my financial pressure. We finally survived and began to study more about carrier since 2017-Aug with the savings of operating income. We were happy to have the chance to cowork with Rong again in the new Elastos from end of 2017.
Share this to you all…
Taipei team did these in 2014 and 2015 with the support from Shanghai team and Chengdu team at that time…Like what I told Rong I am happy to have the opportunity to continue the progress of the network, I don’t like to suspend just with half the progress or give up as of any unreasonable issues if the original task was meaningful.

Fund raising of ioeX was not very smooth in 2018 but the amount raised can at least support the team to keep making ioeX network along with the income of my company. To be honest, I don’t know whether ioeX got an official investment from the Elastos foundation, it is probably not as I knew… However, we got personal investments from many individual Elastos team members. I thought that means the same, Elastos people would like to support ioeX. Whether Elastos fund invested or not, it’s not as critical as the things mentioned in the contract between Elastos and ioeX, such as ioeX will work hard to build the new web even without investment from Elastos, the only thing we are asking is to actively support us to expand the carrier network and we can share the engineering result/outcome with Elastos. Build the network together. Thank you for tolerating the poor English statement above :blush: I hope I could explain things clearly at least without no more misunderstanding.

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It’s great seeing Aryan being really active in the community. I recently asked him:

"We all really appreciate you coming in here and answering questions. I know you can’t comment on any specifics, but I was curious if ‘Smart Dubai’ is an initiative you’re still actively pursuing? "

His response:

Aryan “Yes, I will go to contact them again and try to get the chance to show the outcome of present milestone. there were many government units came that day, they’d already studied blockchain application and some demand of decentralization mechanism deeply we can feel this according to questions they asked at the meeting.”

Can’t wait to hear more on that.

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