Add Bounty Program for developers

(Jean-Michel Saulnier) #1

Create a bounty program page to help community members to identify quickly needs from the core team

We used to have a “Tasks” page on the CR website, now it’s gone and we only have “suggestions”

Suggestions are great but it’s not enough - we’re missing an important piece which is how community developers can help the core team by defining clear goal/timeline

The core team should be proactive and not only wait for suggestions from the community but define goals as well for community members

Create a bounty program page will help to:

  • Help to identify community leaders for each bounty

  • Link with the project to connect and contribute

  • Status/progress for each bounty

  • Rewards

A good example, in my opinion, is:

Please vote for


(Aaron James) #2

Great idea, got my vote


(Feng Zhang) #3

good idea,let us pull it forward